Do you want to put your skills to the test? Or do you like – together in a nice team – to meet new people? Let us know!


Teams consist of at least 2 ladies and 2 men. In the weekends a team plays 8 matches. At home we play in sports hall de Geusselt on Sunday mornings. In the season 2020/2021, 4 teams come out for our club. 

Team 1 – 5e-divisie 

  • Fieke Geerets
  • Zhengqiu Chen
  • Tim Klomp
  • Roger Thijssen
  • Janina Zoppi

Team 2 – 8e-divisie 

  • Kimberly Egberts
  • Ad Klomp
  • Bin Li
  • John Oey
  • Rinie Peters
  • Karin Vermeulen

Team M1 – mannen 

  • Henri Beekmann
  • Mo Chen
  • Brecht Guffens
  • Jeffrey Klomp
  • Frans Neele
  • Leo Luksza
  • Wey Pan
  • Jos Wesselman

Team 35+ 

  • Francis van der Mooren
  • Vera Jaminon
  • John Slangen
  • Marc Seegers
  • Stefan Schenkel
  • Stephan Coumans
  • Rob van Waardenburg


For children there is a special competition in different (age) classes. This allows them to play at their own level and meet children of their own age. The matches are played in the weekends, together with the seniors.