The sport

With badminton, it is as much about game plan and technique as about fitness, speed and strength. Your brain is just as important as your body. Badminton is therefore very enjoyable and challenging to do. No matter at what level you play. 


Most people already know badminton from the campsite or the beach. The step from lawn to badminton court is therefore easy to make. You can quickly take part in playing matches, and from then on you decide for yourself how seriously you will proceed. Within the club there is always someone who can give you some tips..


Badminton is easy to learn, but requires the necessary exercise to fully control. It is a versatile sport, both physically and mentally. Playing at a higher level requires a lot of training and commitment. If this is what you want you have come to the right address. The club has experienced players and during the competition period you can train on Thursdays. Together with Jacky Noya, multiple Dutch Senior champion, you can work on your technique, condition and tactics. Kidsreceive training on Mondays in all basic badminton skills.

Introduction training

Interested in badminton, but little or no experience? Then our introduction training might be something for you. An experienced player will teach you all the basic skills and introduce you within the club.